WST is one of the market leading manufacturers of turned and milled parts, delivering complex high-quality solutions to the industry.

In addition to being experts in precision engineering, we are also experienced machinery specialists and tool professionals, brilliant organizers and passionate supporters of our customers.

Heavy Metal

The metal symphony. We orchestrate our production in tune with our objectives, using a great variety of different materials to create a perfect choreography.


Amazing versatility: WST produces turned parts from almost any metal.

We process chromium-nickel steels, case hardening and tempering steels, corrosion-resistant and acid-proof steels, tool steels and free-cutting steels.

Materials also include non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and copper.

The diameter range is between 10mm and 90mm for bar work and up to 200mm for chuck work.


Or rather: turned-to-measure. Meeting customer requirements is our primary goal. Our custom-made products are manufactured in small lots or in volumes of millions of units.


Custom solutions!

We use high-quality machinery and equipment to satisfy customer requirements and expectations. Implementing a variety of production options in two different manufacturing segments is one of our key strengths:

1. Flexible series production

  • Short reaction times
  • Broad spectrum of machining options
  • Short distances
  • High degree of standardization

2. Product-specific production lines

  • Development of innovative manufacturing processes
  • High level of automation
  • Process reliability
  • Solution expertise

But that's far from all. We also provide downstream services such as grinding, honing, embossing, gear-cutting and any kind of surface and heat treatment. Whatever your requirements, just talk to us!


Fussy about quality? Yes, we are! We at WST all agree that an uncompromising commitment to quality is not an option - it's an obligation.

Top quality

Things you can rely on: WST is always one turn ahead.

This means we are driven by the ambition to meet and exceed the most exacting quality requirements of our customers by providing top-class products.

We use state-of-the-art metrology systems and operate a quality management system that is an integral part of our manufacturing processes. WST is certified according to IATF 16949.


Turning visions into successful products. At its in-house Process Development Center, WST puts innovative technologies and workflows to the test.


The future today.

Apart from its day-to-day production operations, WST engages in in-depth research and development activities. Experienced specialists work in a focused environment to develop prototypes and reference samples and test processes and operational wokflows by means of virtual simulations.

This approach gives our customers a twofold benefit: The risk of unidentified development errors is reduced, while the possibilities of taking cost-effective corrective action at an early stage improve. Overall, these effects give WST and its customers a significant competitive edge in the market.