WST is in a process of continuous growth: at our production facilities in Löffingen we employ over 300 employees. We currently construct an extension to our facilities that will double our floor space.


Having the courage to reach for the stars with both feet firmly on the ground. WST experiences continuous growth with a strong innovative spirit.


Accelerating from zero to 600 - and still far from the limit!

When WST was launched in 1993, the company premises were small and the workforce was composed of only a few people.

Today, around 600 employees and a huge machine park guarantee top-quality products. Proven solutions provide a sound basis for truly innovative approaches. This is why WST not only moves straigth ahead, but also keeps track of what is going on at the sidelines.

We have been strengthening and expanding our core business right from the very start, but we also explore the options of tapping into new markets.

Nice & slim

Detours on a diet. Streamlined workflows at WST are in perfect shape for maximum efficiency.

Lean Management

Thinking ahead, considering change as an opportunity.

Well-defined organizational structures and our staff's deep and unquestioned commitment to their role as managers of improvement characterize all areas and levels within our company.

Transparency and a strong focus on the essentials rather than a flood of information. Enabling rather than preaching team spirit and process orientation rather than strict hierarchies.

The benefits are obvious: efficient planning, control and communication, optimal use of resources, shorter reaction times and sustainable solutions to problems.


Shaping the future in a climate of environmental responsibility. WST takes a roof-top approach.


Strong commitment and profound connection to the Black Forest's natural heritage.

We adopt a respectful approach to the use of energy and raw materials. Our actions are responsible and foresighted, and we completely avoid any waste of resources. At WST, environmental protection principles are not mere theory, but rather implemented practice. Our management system is certified to DIN ISO 14001 and DIN ISO 50001.

We are committed to making a tangible and measurable contribution to environmental sustainability. This is why we have turned the roof top of our company building into one of the largest solar power stations in the southern Black Forest. A total of 995 photovoltaic modules generate about 200.000 kWh of electricity per year. Enough to power 55 single-family homes.